Royal class international school started under a pavilion with dust but now the school can boast of a two storey building with four classrooms under and three classroom at the 2nd floor with accommodation for some staff and boarders by the help of our sponsors , supporters parents , donors etc. We are also moving ahead with new means to to improve unto our structure, salary standard for staff ,School bus , dining hall library and standard computers laboratory and borehole for water issues.

Royal class international school is a free private institution located at kokrobitey in the greater accra reagion of Ghana with standard.
The school was established by rabby Kenneth koomson to eradicate the toil of less priviledge parents who cannot afford the payment of fees for their wards who did not get access to also enjoy quality education therefore royal class stands to admit children from less privileged homes with just a one time payment of admission fee and the school take over and continue from there.
Royal class international school we have no payment of fee per a term, a year or whatsoever to think about.
Royal Class International school we also have accommodation for students who are coming from far (the boarding system)

At royal class international school there is nothing to hesitate about academically, supervision dining, sports computer lab, etc.
Royal Class started this initiative on the 5th of September 2017, and we are looking forward to going higher with our aim of opening new campuses in the other regions of Ghana.


Royal Class international School are saviors of the less privileged homes, communities and move by the help of our volunteers, supporters, teachers donors, sponsors, etc
Royal Class international school we also call for any changes in the program from international students globally we give your ward a holistic education with fatal academia involvement
In royal class international school our staff are trained and qualifies graduates from the top universities in the country and other high profile institutions in the country.
The school also provides its staff in-service training by inviting professionals from catalysts etc.
Currently, at royal class international school, we offer eleven subjects

  • English language
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated science
  • Religious & moral education
  • Citizenship education
  • Information communication technology
  • Ghanaian language
  • History
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Physical education

Whatsoever field you want your child or ward to learn apart from the subjects accepted by Ghana education service we are here to give that service eg: in i.c.t , we also teach computer programming, website designing, networking ,graphic designing , software and hardware, typing etc.
At royal class your ward is industry ready even from the basic school.
Because we are royals in the world and intelligent in the class so go no further than coming to the Royal Class international school for the wellbeing and good results for your ward etc.
Royal Class International School we Also have transport for students who are far away from the environment of korkrobite .oshiyee , tuba, bortianor hills, kasoa, amanfrom ,galilee ,kalabule, westhills , old bortianor aplaku ,barrier etc+

Royal Class international school we are the chosen , that is why we stand to say education do not involves solely a teacher standing over the students speaking on a subject but the emotional wellbeing, the comfortablity of students by getting a conducive environment, with comfortable seats, a source of cross ventilation and other equipment that open their brains to absorb new materials are needed because of these we provide your ward with all the requisite materials for their academic pursuit wellbeing. so contact us for your admission forms or from our online portal.